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Because bespoke is always better

The average recruiter spends around 7 seconds scanning a CV before deciding whether to keep reading to the end, and when you apply with a Good Copy CV, they always keep on reading.

We all deserve to be heard, and I make a point of understanding exactly what each client needs before starting any work.


Alongside all the finer details, I ask everyone to tell me about their dream job, because so many of us have been coasting for so long that we’ve forgotten how to dream.

Using a format crafted out of years spent in the employability space, I help you to beat an ATS, the Applicant Tracking System embedded within every online advert, and the software that scans, filters and ranks your CV against the competition.

How many times have you sent off multiple applications only to hear nothing back? Chances are, your CV was losing its battle against an ATS while you were at home waiting by the phone.

A bespoke, current and fully optimised CV is the ultimate tool in your job search toolkit, and with Good Copy, you will always be the pearl in the ocean.

In the words of others…

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