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you, on paper

Hi, I'm Lo...

I’m the founder of Good Copy, a bespoke CV and Cover Letter writing business that supports you in empowering your employability.


With over 11 years’ experience across copywriting and recruitment, I create tailored CVs and Cover Letters for every type of industry, getting to know the you beyond the job and crafting bespoke pieces to help you find the balance that you need.


I am an advocate for flexibility in the workplace, hybrid and remote working, better policies for working parents and the notion that with the right tools and the right chance, we are all capable of great things.

During my maternity leave in 2015, I suddenly found myself one of the 54,000 Mothers managed out of the UK workplace every year. I turned my lemons into lemonade instead of something bitter, and started a business dedicated to helping others.


This is Good Copy, and simply put, its


you, on paper. 

How can I help?

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