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cv, cover letter
& Linkedin
copy & content
website development

featured in
Forbes, Closer
& more...

recommended by
mother pukka &
The Nurse Mum

12 years' 
experience in recruitment and copywriting

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hi, I'm lo

I’m the founder of Good Copy, a Forbes featured bespoke CV, Cover Letter & LinkedIn writing business that supports you in finding your confidence and changing your career.


During my 2015 maternity leave, I sat across two male Line Managers and heard the line

"THIS is why we hire men!"in response to my flexible work request.

I was promptly left with a baby on my hip, a mortgage, and no job.


In an instant, I had become one of the 54,000 Mothers managed out of the UK workplace every year. I turned my lemons into lemonade instead of something bitter, and started a business dedicated to helping others.


With over 12 years’ experience across copywriting and recruitment, I create

tailored and optimised CVs, Cover Letters & LinkedIn profiles for every

type of industry, getting to know

the you beyond the job and crafting bespoke pieces to

help you find the balance you need.


I also support businesses ranging from finance to

fine jewellery, creating copy, content

and website development to

find their voice and

elevate their work.


This is Good Copy, and

simply put, its

you, on paper.

why good copy?

The average
recruiter spends just a few seconds scanning your CV before deciding whether to keep reading or not!

a work / life balance shouldn't feel like a

pipe dream!

A bespoke CV can be

fully optimised to appeal to remote & Flex positions

if you're sick of
sending applications off and receiving NO responses, it might
be time for a
new approach.

91% of recruiters
use linkedin to source
candidates, and 8 people are hired every minute via a connection or job post on

A Good Copy CV is designed to "beat an ATS" using a tailored structure and bespoke wording.

Job Hunting is hard
work, and talking about yourself can be really difficult! it's nice to have someone in your corner who GETS It and wants to help!

Why Good Copy?

Thanks for your message! Please make sure to check your Junk / Spam inboxes for any replies!

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Please be aware that Good Copy is not able to provide legal or financial advice.

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